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We are a Barcelona based company that offers apartments in destinations around the world for customers who visit the cities for business travel, touristic purposes or for medical treatment, and wish to have the support and backing of a company that specializes in providing accommodation and services, accompanying the guests throughout the entire process from booking to the departure date, providing guests a unique service experience.

Our company is aware of the need to create bonds of cooperation with the owners, as we consider this being a key and essential part of the service offered.

Please take your time to read below what kind of services we offer owners:


We offer vacation rental management at all levels, from simple collaboration to generate higher occupation, until full vacation rental management of your properties, where we are taking care of all those activities that renting your apartment as a vacation rental entails.

We have worked hard and built a reputation of a serious company that is known for providing high quality services and not only for selling nights in an apartment, for this reason on our website you will only find apartments that have been carefully selected.

Our apartments stock is more exclusive and smaller than that of the vast majority of agencies, generating high levels of occupation and repeated business for the owners. We manage your property while you relax and get the benefits.




  We are owners like you, and we know that it is important to know and have full control over the type of customers who will stay in the apartment, because much of the success depends on the proper use of the apartments and behavior of the guests.

For this reason we consider important to explain what types of customers will stay in your property, and we detail below our target market.




All owners can work with Tendency Group using one of our three programs designed for different needs.

If you want to personalize our service according to your way of working, and none of the programs presented below fits your needs, please contact us and we will gladly listen.

For more information about the programs, please click on the links below:
STANDARD PROGRAM (Vacation Rental Management Barcelona)
PREMIUM PROGRAM (Full Property Management Barcelona)


In order for us to manage your property, we need you to provide us the following information about your apartment, and thus we can advise you on the potential your apartment might have as a holiday apartment. Send us an email to info@tendencygroup.com with the subject “Property Management Program" and send us the following information:

1. Contact Info
2. Apartment location (location as accurately as possible)
3. Number of rooms
4. Number of Bathrooms
5. Capacity (Number of Guests)
5. Photos of the apartment or a link from a website where you already have your apartment listed
6. Mention in which program are you interested. (Basic, Standard, Premium)

Thank you very much for considering us as an alternative to your property management; we will respond to your request as soon as possible.