Services for corporate stays

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Services for corporate rentals


We know that our corporate guests require more than just a place to stay. Our staff can facilitate their stay by running errands or assisting with tasks that will allow them to focus on the main reason for traveling to the city and fully enjoy their corporate rentals.

We offer all the facilities that corporate guests require providing ample space and more privacy than a hotel room. The kitchens are fully equipped allowing our corporate guests to clear their mind while cooking a unique dish after a busy day at work.

Corporate rentals are in the proximity of the main business areas of our destinations and are connected to different areas of the city, fairs and conference venues by all transportation means: metro, bus, tram, train and subway.

In addition to the services we offer 24 h, we developed a parallel line designed to serve corporate guests.
We grouped the corporate services into two categories:

Personal Assistant for executives (services that require staff transfers, such as pickups or collecting rented cars) or Executive Concierge Service (office based services, such as planning and coordinate flight reservations).