Barcelona Comercial Management Program

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Tendency Group offers the commercial property management program to owners who only need a booking agent. In this case we will inform you of the reservations that we have received for your apartment with all the contact details of the client and only in some cases we will do the check in of the guests at the apartment depending on additional services that each client might have hired with us.

This program is targeted to homeowners who have one or more properties and are looking to increase the occupation, but do not need us to manage their property either because they already have a company that does it or because they take care of it by themselves.

The main advantages are:

Confirmed bookings 24 hours.

Receive confirmed reservations, and access the extranet to review the information on each one.

Easy access from any device to manage your calendar

24 hour access to the calendar on your property so you can block bookings received from another agency.

Freedom to control the data of your guests

Control of guests´ contact details using our system, which can be accessed at any time.

High occupation thanks to our international agreements

Endorsement of a company that has agreements with several international companies, which will ensure a high turnover.

If you are considering listing your apartment on our website, please provide us the following information about your apartment, so we can advise you on the potential your apartment might have as a property.

Send us an email to with the subject “Commercial Management Program" and send us the following information:

Apartment location (location as accurately as possible)
Photos of the property (if you don’t have good pictures of your apartment, a brief description or low quality pictures are good enough; a link from a website where you already have your apartment listed would be sufficient also)
Number of rooms
Contact Info

Thank you very much for considering listing your property on our website; we will respond to your request as soon as possible.