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Vacation Rental Management Barcelona


Tendency Apartments offers you as a homeowner a comprehensive vacation rental management Barcelona program in for your apartments in Barcelona, which includes all tasks and work required to completely control and manage your property as well as monitoring of the guests.
The vacation rental management Barcelona program is targeted to homeowners who have one or more properties and wish to give them a touristic use, and due to their work or other activities, they have no time to attend or to manage their property and require the help of a full property management company based in Barcelona.

Tendency Apartments helps and advises property owners in Barcelona with the main goal of helping them maximize the occupancy of their apartments without having to give away their current job or activities.
The main advantages of choosing our vacation rental management Barcelona program are:

    gestion integral de apartamentos turisticos en barcelona

We attend customers and any incidents.
We deal with customers both prior to their arrival, as well as during their stay. No need for you to wait for the clients, or attend any incident, because we'll do it for you.

  vacation rentals management barcelona

Management of your property by a single company.
Control owned by a single company over your apartment, which ensures a personal and professional treatment as well as security on who is in charge of your apartment.

    vacation rentals management barcelona

Targeted advertising campaigns.
Both our experience in the sector and our software allows us to develop a specific advertising campaign for each property, with the aim of providing greater market visibility, and thus obtain a significant number of bookings.

 vacation rentals management barcelona

Revenue and occupation management
We constantly monitor occupancy and rates. Incrementing the rates and placing special offers according to the occupation and the season, with the aim of maximizing returns, trying to get the maximum number of reservations.

    vacation rentals management barcelona

Maintenance of your property
We are working to make sure your property is kept in an excellent state, always clean and in good conditions making sure that guests and you as an owner enjoy a perfectly maintained apartment.

 vacation rentals management barcelona

Minimum Income Assured.
Depending on the characteristics of the apartment as well as its location, we can offer a minimum income each month regardless of the number of bookings that have been made.


In order for us to include your property in our If you choose our vacation rental management barcelona, we need you to provide us the following information, and thus we can advise you on the potential your apartment might have as a holiday apartment. Send us an email to with the subject "vacation rental management barcelona” and send us the following information:

1. Contact Info
2. Apartment location (location as accurately as possible)
3. Number of rooms
4. Number of Bathrooms
5. Capacity (Number of Guest)
6. Photos of the property (if you don’t have good pictures of your apartment, a brief description or low quality pictures are good enough; a link from a website where you already have your apartment listed would be sufficient also)

Thank you very much for considering us as an alternative to your If you choose our vacation rental management barcelona; we will respond to your request as soon as possible.